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About Sarver Strategies

At the heart of a good communications strategy is a good story. Think back to the most powerful lessons you learned as a child – were they conveyed in bullet points, graphs and charts? Or were they wrapped into a good tale that helped sear into your memory the importance of values like kindness, sharing and patience? Unfortunately somewhere along the way, we’ve lost the ability to knit together a good story.

But science tells us that our minds better recall information if told in a story format. That’s why Sarver Strategies is built around the concept of storytelling. Whether conveying a corporate, nonprofit or political message, we help clients develop an effective narrative to share their story in a memorable way. We also want to make sure that message is effectively delivered. That’s why we offer in-depth media and presentation skills trainings – from two hour sessions to weekend long workshops – to help clients build the technical skills necessary to deliver masterful presentations no matter the audience.

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